onsdag 3. januar 2018


The dominant male lion "Lipstick" .... at sunrise
D5, 400 2,8, f/3,2, 1/800, ISO 5000

Little of wildlife have been more documented than mammals of the African savannah and especially lions. To shoot this huge, iconic cat in a little bit "different style" is therefore ... demanding. It takes a couple of good ideas and that you stick to your plan ... and that you don't "freak out" with all other photographic possibilities of the incredible east African savannah that constantly pop up to distract you !  I'm not claiming to have managed to do this "in a "different style", .... but I surely tried !!

All pictures are shot in Masai Mara, Oct & Nov 2017. A warm thank you to Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp, Arnfinn Johansen, John Siololo, Johnmark Kiss-may and Bjørn Stuedal.

Kitchy ? yes, .... but not easy to do
D5, 400 2,8, f/2,8, 1/800, ISO 1000

Superlow angle & total green, green blurry background with no details and important : no horizon, soft yellow front light, carcasse with active red to the green .... and eye contact with the lion
D5,600 4,0,  f/5,6, 1/2000, ISO 500 

D5, 600 4,0, f/10,0, 1/400, ISO 320

D5, 400 2,8, f/ 3,5, 1/2500, ISO 200

D5, 600 4,0, f/5,6, 1/2000, ISO 500

Yawning a rainbow !!
D5, 400 2,8, f/4,5, 1/2000, ISO 500

King of the dark ..,. with a flashlight
D5, 400 2,8, f/2,8, 1/50, ISO 16000

D5, 600 4,0, f/11,0, 1/400, ISO 1800

OK, basically background colour, but still .... ?
D5, 400 2,8, f/2,8, 1/160, ISO 1000

Metoo ???
D5, 600 4,0, f/5,6, 1/640, ISO 1800

Eye contact
D5, 600 4,0, f/7,1, 1/640, ISO 800

Cubs playing
D5, 400 2,8, f/6,3, 1/800, ISO 2000

D5, 600 4,0, f/4,0, 1/800, ISO 2500

I never saw such a small cub before. The mother was very nervous !
D5, 600 4,0, f/5,6, 1/800, ISO 1600

10 kommentarer:

  1. Amazing photos Tom! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hei Tom...
    Supre bilder med suverent lys! Gleder meg til å dra nedover i august...

  3. Supre bilder nok en gang. Bilde av "king of the dark" er en høydare. Veggpryd!
    Du er utrolig god med lys og skarphet. Inspirerende!

  4. Hi Tom.. Magnificent portrait.. Bravo!!! :-)))

  5. Det er bare sååå vakkert! For en flott opplevelse dette må ha vært! En ting er spenningen når man vet at bildet er i boks, men å få sitte å se på dem og betrakte dem, og få med alle lydene, kan bare tenke meg at pulsen stiger noen hakk.... :-)

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