tirsdag 6. mai 2014


Golden Orb Spider, a huge spider up to 70 mm that makes a web strong enough to catch bats & small birds

Sør Afrika Mars 2014 : 
2 uker på jakt etter slanger. Her presenteres noen "extras", helt fritt for slanger, fugl og pattedyr.

South Africa March 2014 : 
2 weeks hunting snakes. Here I present anything but snakes, birds & mammals. 

The female Golden Orb Spider is may times bigger than the male. Wonder what the guy thinks !!

A huge spider in the light of the headlamp

When you go looking for snakes lifting stones & trunks and cracking up dead plants : Always have a lookout for a scorpion, not dangerous, but painful.

Scorpion in the light of the headlamp

Scorpion mother with youngsters

The African Bullfrog can weigh more than 1 kg !!

A foam nest frog is spending much time in trees and blends in perfectly 

Tinker Reed Frog (snakefood !!)

Tinker Reed Frog

Assumed : Striped Leaf Frog

Tinker Reed Frog

A newly hatched baby croc

Variable skink, small & very common

Chameleon hunting

Flies .. on the side of a White Rhino

Oil painting ?? The muddy side of a White Rhino

Monitor lizard