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 The period of magic morning light is very short ! When the sun climbs the sky the light i Florida quickly gets way too harsh. 
D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/5000, -1,0, ISO 1600

Approx some 2 years ago I stubbled across the website of Miami photographer Michael Stern (check out :,and was truly amazed over his great wildlife photography. Especially a series of cougar pics (puma) shot in snowy winter landscape blew my mind !! ...and as I could not get these pictures out of my head, I simply had to find out how they were shot. I took myself the liberty to send Michael Stern an e-mail on this and I received a friendly and honest answer to his cougar works (which I appreciated a lot). Ever since we have been regularly e-mailing and exchanging photos. 

As I was going to Miami this Easter I suggest we should meet and have a cup of coffee together,... but the guy promptly invites me along to do some photography together.  He asked me what I wanted to do the most, and having his incredible pictures of roseate spoonbills in mind, I respectfully suggested : 
roseate spoonbills !! 
(besides : even though I`ve been to Florida many times I never had any luck with these birds). So : Michael Stern picks me up one morning at 3 o´clock in a dark street somewhere in Miami SW (this is the first time we ever met !) and takes me along on a 3 days photo adventure .... revealing his most secret places for spoonbills and ospreys for me.

Thanks to Michael Stern for a great Florida experience, great company, photographic inspiration, "tutorials" on Photoshop editing and for a couple of beautiful photographic prints  (the cougar from 2 years back !!!). Also thanks to Jim Carson for accommodation, boating (I really liked your electric outboard Jim !!) and nice company.

Hope to see you guys again !!    
 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f4,5, 1/5000, -1,0, ISO 2000

 D3s, 600 4,0, f4,0, 1/2000, +0,33, ISO 1600

 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/4000, -1,0, ISO 1600

 D3s, 600 4,0, f4,0, 1/2500, +0,67, ISO 1600

 D3s, 600 4,0, f4,0, 1/125, +0,33, ISO 2000

 D3s,600 4,0, f4,0, 1/60, +0,33, ISO 2000.

 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f6,3, 1/2500, , ISO 1000

 As the morning light gets hard and the sky gets blue (terrible combination !!), converting to black and white can be a good solution.
D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/2500, +0,67, ISO 800

 D3s, 600 4,0, f6,3, 1/8000, -1,0, ISO 800

 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/3200, +0,67, ISO 800

 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/2500, +0,67, ISO 800

 D3s, 600 4,0, f6,3, 1/2000, +0,67, ISO 800

 D3s, 200-400 / 400 4,0, f5,6, 1/1600, +1,0, ISO 800

Skipper Jim Carson & photographer Michael Stern
D3s, 24-70 2,8, f5,6, 1/4000, +0,33, ISO 1000

I got more stuff from Florida. I`m afraid I will have to make an "additionary" blog on this very soon.  Stay tuned !

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  1. Skjønner godt at du ble begeistret for dette.


  2. Her var det mye fine bilder. Må ha vært en flott tur.


  3. Mye flott her, skjønner godt at Florida frister :)

    Linken til Michael Sterns side er ikke korrekt, riktig adresse er

  4. Qué buenas imágenes.. Felicidades!!!... Las espátulas rosadas preciosas.. Un saludo..

  5. Virkelig hyggelig med slike gode bekjentskap :) Er både inspirerende og gir påfyll av energi.

    Du leverer som vanlig gode bilder, der de to første fiskeørnbildene ble mine favoritter! Skulle ønske det var bare bitte litt meir luft over tørrgreina i det første ørnebildet ;)

  6. The Osprey images are tremendous Tom and the Spoonbill images are worth waiting for.

  7. Mycket fina bilder du bjuder på Tom.
    Måste varit en underbar tripp till Florida.
    Må väl / Kenny

  8. Da gikk drømmen din i oppfyllelse Tom. Nydelige bilder av flotte fugler. Lite av disse her ute:-) Men Skjestorken var her for noen år siden.Det var den tiden jeg tok bilder med film. Grattis.Ole

  9. WOW!
    What a post!
    Those Spoonbills in the early morning sun are absolutely gorgeous!
    You've been well inspired to getting in touch with Michael Stern... And that's the way to go if you desperately want to accomplish what you saw once!
    And it goes both ways at least this is what we try to do!!
    I also notice that Michael doesn't use a huge lens in this area, so getting closer to the birds seems somewhat easier!
    Congrats to the both of you!

    1. PS:
      I realize I didn't express myself about the Osprey and it's prey!
      Those pics are a must too, naturally!


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